Aspen Automation is your one-stop shop for industrial automation.

We offer engineering, design, support and the parts and equipment you need to keep your production at its peak.



Aspen Automation offers innovative solutions to enable your business to work more efficiently. Our specialty is the design and engineering of custom industrial automation, specifically created to fit your operation.

Our engineers have decades of automation experience in numerous industries. They understand your challenges and use their knowledge and ingenuity to create practical and affordable solutions to enhance efficiency and reduce your costs.

What sets Aspen Automation apart from the crowd?
We are pioneers in design and implementation working with new technologies, developing innovative techniques, and successfully integrating cutting edge equipment into your operations.

Our versatility and flexibility enable us to serve you better for less.

Our lead engineers have diverse knowledge and industry experience to provide the flexibility you require.

Aspen Automation can initialize your system and keep it operating at maximum productivity.

We have the availability and expertise to provide you with the exact part or supply you need and to offer lower-cost alternatives. Aspen Automation is an official provider of automation equipment from respected leaders in the industry.



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