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About Us

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Our Approach

Aspen Automation is proud of the talent and diverse skill set of the team members.  Each member has the positive traits which we have called out in our core values.  These are the defining principles and fundamental beliefs of Aspen Automation shown in the image above.

Aspen utilizes these principles to employ team members to achieve the Aspen core purpose.

Innovate through Automation

Aspen looks to execute an idea which addresses a customer request and achieves value for both parties.

The core purpose leads Aspen Automation to proclaim our core competencies.

Innovative Process

Project Management

Programming Capabilities

These are our proficiencies which enable Aspen to deliver value to the customer.  The team member skills and abilities enable Aspen to be competitive with these competencies.

Aspen Automation has developed a brand promise for our customers.

On Time

On Budget

In Scope

Our brand promise is to convey a benefit for the customer, must be credible and must be kept always.  Aspen will continue to keep your project in front of us through our design efforts, project management and installation.

Meet the Leadership Team

Renae Scroggins 2

Renae Scroggins

Senior Process Engineer and Project Manager

Renae is an accomplished chemical process engineer with expertise in capital projects, manufacturing project design, and project management.

Shay Jackson

Electrical Manufacturing Manager

Shay has over 20 years of experience in the controls industry, with his main area of expertise in electrical control panels.  Shay can be relied upon to manage multiple panel projects as well as providing expert electrical skills and knowledge to the entire build process.


Ryan Woolverton

Senior Electrical Designer

Ryan is an electrical technician and designer with over 20 years of experience.  He is tasked with designing new panel layouts for control systems, creating entire drawing packages that include schematics, fabricating, populating and assembling of electrical panels for use in the United States and multiple other countries throughout the world.

Steve Schmidt, P.E.

Professional Engineer

Steve has more than 35 years of diversified experience in commercial and industrial process, automation, and building systems, most of that time as a registered mechanical Professional Engineer.  He also has a strong background and retains a passion for energy efficient design and renewable power sources.


Lance Shafer

Senior Mechanical Engineer

Lance is an engineer experienced in equipment and machine design. His project responsibilities include customer interaction and discussion to develop the beginning vision into a completed machine design, detail drawings, machine assembly, troubleshooting, and installation assistance.

Philip Keith


Philip started Aspen Automation in 2009 with two other engineers when he realized automating processes is his  passion.  By leading his team to innovate through automation he continues his passion today.


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