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General Engineering Services

Aspen Automation has decades of shared experience in design engineering.  The mechanical designers utilize 3D software to design mechanical projects, assembly stations, robotic cells, material handling and palletizing cells for many industries.

  • Window and door manufacturers
  • Test labs
  • Automotive parts manufacturer
  • Injection mold companies
  • Chemical manufacturing

Aspen has experience in design and build of robotic automation solutions and custom assembly equipment.  We have provided robotic cells for parts assembly, vision inspection, material handling systems, packaging and palletizing applications.  Aspen will design and build assembly equipment to meet the specific needs of the customer.  The project can be an automated assembly system with designed mechanical loading, material transfers, multiple stations, or robotic palletizing.  In scenarios where assembly solutions cannot be fully automated, a semi-automated system can improve the manufacturing process yet retain the operator assistance vital to the process.

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